Coron Super Ultimate Tour

by FGB Travel and Tours


Coron, is located the eastern half of Busuanga Island, all of Coron Island and about 50 other minor islets stretching as far as Tara Island in the north-east and Canipo Island in the south.All these islands are part of the Calamian Archipelago in Northern Palawan that separates the South China Sea from the Sulu Sea. Witness the unique and enchanting beauty of Kayangan Lake.Traverse the remarkable scenery of Coron Bay, from the enticing color of water to the spectacular karst limestone formations in Coron Island.

Included Destinations

Program (8 hours)

This tour package has an approximate duration of 8 hours. You will find the main events and activities programmed for this tour listed below.

  • 1

    Pick Up To Your Hotel

    Tour Guide and Van will Pick up to your Hotel with other joiner group

  • 2

    Twin Lagoon

    Twin Lagoon is known for the small tunnel that separates the sea from the lake. At high tide you can hold your breath and swim through, and at low tide you see the arch above water. It was high tide though, so no pictures here. Didn’t dare to dive through, so took the short stairs to cross into the hidden lake.

  • 3

    Cyc Beach

    We stopped a distance from the beach and were free to snorkel/ kayak around the coral rich waters for about half an hour. CYC Beach looks like a lovely spot but it was also really crowded so I was glad we kept a distance from it.

  • 4

    Coral Garden

    Swim in one of the best snorkeling destinations in Coron Island. See schools of colorful fish as well as coral reefs of vibrant colors.

  • 5

    Skeleton Wreck

    Then off to the only wreck of the tour. Coron is also known for the many wrecks around the island, after the US sprang a surprise attack on the Japanese fleet in WW2. Skeleton Wreck is the remains of a supply ship, and is probably the most accessible of wrecks in the area, just a couple of meters below the surface at its highest.

  • 6

    Smith Beach

    Lunch is cooked on board by the crew and taken at one of the many beaches in the area. The exact spot may or may not match your itinerary.

  • 7

    Atwayan Beach

    The beach’s gentle, clean waters are great for anyone who wants to relax in the water, or for those who want to snorkel for a bit to see Atwayan’s stunning marine life.

  • 8

    Barracuda Lake

    Barracuda Lake. Honestly for snorkeling there isn’t much here, but it’s apparently a great dive site and a spot for learning free diving. The water is as deep as 40 meters and the main draw is experiencing the thermocline – very distinct changes in water temperatures as you cross different depths. First from comfortable to hot then to cool. This is related to the mix of saltwater and freshwater, and interaction with underground volcanic activity. But for floaters like me, just enjoy the relaxing waters surrounded by tall karst cliffs.

  • 9

    Kayangan Lake

    The last lake of the day, Kayangan Lake. This was much more popular and crowded than the earlier two lakes, and was slightly more developed. he lagoon itself was beautiful and as it turns out most pictures of Kayangan Lake are actually of the lagoon. Here the lagoon from the sea level. It’s a much longer walk and a taller flight of stairs to conquer before the lake, as compared to Twin Lagoon or Barracuda Lake, but the view from the midpoint is what most people come for.

  • 10

    Siete Picados

    Siete Pecados is a group of rocky outcrops near Busuanga Island, known for the abundance of coral and fish living in the surrounding waters. Fortunately, someone in the crew found a pair of googles on board and lent them to me. Once I dipped my head underwater I was spellbound. The following pictures do not do it justice, as the underwater casing had added some cloudiness to the pictures. Imagine endless coral and fish of every color, everywhere.

  • 11

    Drop Off

    Return to your Hotel by Van Transfer

Inclusions and Exclusions

This tour package includes several items or services that you will find listed below in the "Included" list. The items or services listed under the "Not Included" list are not included in the price of this tour package.


  • Terminal Fee And Parking Fee
  • Entrances Fee & Shed Rentals
  • Motorized Boat Transfer
  • Buffet Lunch
  • Licensed tour guide

Not Included

  • Php 150/pax – Insurance for 3 days
  • Php 150/pax – Fins and Aqua shoes
  • Php 50/pax – E trike
  • Php 150/pax – Mask & snorkel


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