Palawan Special Battalion

WW2 Memorial Museum

Entering Palawan World War 2 Memorial Museum is stepping inside a temple dedicated to the memory of those who fought during this war. It gathers photos, uniforms, weapons, vehicles and above all information on the events that took place in Palawan and in the rest of the world. The place is not huge but the collection is diverse and interesting. A visit should take you about an hour. If you are interested in the history of the Second World War, you can also include Plaza Cuartel in your program.

Although this museum is not included in most city tours, it is a must-see for any traveler interested in the history of Puerto Princesa. You can visit it as part of a private city tour or go directly to it and pay a small entrance fee. Plan your visit online today with Tikigo.

Visit Palawan World War 2 Museum

Hop On An Historical City Tour To Discover This Very Unique Museum

If you are taking a private tour of Puerto Princesa, you can request to include the visit of Palawan WW2 Memorial Museum in your itinerary. You can also get there by yourself, either using a tricycle or with a rental car or motorbike.