Viet Ville Restaurant And Viet Village

Viet Ville is an historical site, a community and a restaurant – among other things. Vietnamese immigrants fleeing the war in their country founded the village in the 1970’s. The place is home only for a few households today but it is still active and can be visited. You may do it with a city tour focused on culture and history, or you can simply go there by yourself and have a walk through Viet Village after your meal.

The Viet Ville restaurant is a great address in Puerto Princesa to experience vietnamese cuisine. The village also holds a buddhist temple, a french bakery, noodle manufactoring and a guest house system. Start planning your adventures today and discover Viet Ville by yourself or with a city tour including this popular destination.

How To Visit Viet Ville

Discover The Ways To Visit This Historical And Fine Food Destination

Some city tours include Viet Ville as a destination in their itinerary. But you can absolutely go there by yourself to experience both the cuisine and learn about the history with a walk in Viet Village. Discover the available activities on Tikigo and check the one that fits you best.