Ayahay, The Palaweño Brewery

Ayahay Palaweño Brewery is one of a kind. It’s Palawan‘s first and only craft beer, it’s a brewery you can visit and it’s a small bar where you can relax, have a drink and a bite to eat. Inspired by the legendary Belgian Trappist beers, the beers made by Ayahay Palaweño Brewery are strong and flavorful.

The brewery is located in Manalo Street, in the center of the city. When you get there, you can ask for a tour of the brewery, while your enjoy some of its production. You may also find it included as an optional destination with private Puerto Princesa city tours. Simply get in touch with their local organizers to make sure this visit can be arranged. With Tikigo, you can start planning your Ayahay beer-loving adventures online today!

How To Visit Ayahay Palaweño Brewery

Discover The Best Way To Get To This Beer-Lovers Haven

The brewery also has its own bar, so you can go there whenever you want. Take a tricycle and mention that it’s in front of Palawan State University, Manalo Campus. With this precision, your driver should easily find the place. You can also include a stop at the brewery with a private cultural and food tour of the city.