Magarwak Mountain Ranges

Discover Mt. Magarwak, the best hiking site around Puerto Princesa City. Located in Bacungan, about 15 kilometers and 35 minutes from downtown, this mount offers a perfect hike for beginners. From the top, you’ll have a great view of Honda Bay and its islands. It’s also a great place to watch the sunrise on a morning walk. The climb itself should take you about an hour.

Besides the view from the top of the mountain range, you will also find a small resort with hot springs. Taking a hot bath in the natural hot waters can be a delightful way to take a break before hiking back to the ground.

You can easily reach the Magarwak Mountain Range from Puerto Princesa City, either with public transportation, a rental car or a guided tour. This last option is certainly the best if you like the safety and comfort of being guided in new territories. With Tikigo, find out about available tour packages, car or motorcycle rentals, and start planning your Mt. Magarwak adventure online today!

Tours And Activities In Mt. Magarwak

Discover How To Take This Perfect Hike For Beginner And Expert Mountaineers Alike

You can reach Mt. Magarwak by your own means or avail a guided tour package. Just browse the different options offered by local travel agencies on Tikigo and choose the one that fits you best!