Max Palawan,

Motorsports Adventures In Puerto Princesa

MAX Palawan is the place to go for those who love motorsports. It dedicates over 30 hectares to this activity, with a maze of trails that can be explored on quad. Located around 25 km away from Puerto Princesa City, you can enjoy MAX Palawan as an activity included in a tour or directly go by yourself to this ecotourism facility.

The beauty of the place is amazing: the red clay soil, the lush vegetation, the mountains all around really add to the experience, so much so that you really feel like you are going on an adventure. This is a real sporty and physical activity, and it’s best to have at least some experience riding motorcycles (if not quads themselves). But once this precaution is noted, it is a perfect activity for anyone looking for a thrill during their stay in Puerto Princesa.

You can find different packages based on the length of the excursion, for a minimum group size of 4 participants. From a 45-minute exploration to a full day 6-hour excursion with lunch included, choose the one that suits you best. Explore your options below and start planning your motorized adventures online today!

Tours And Activities In MAX Palawan

Discover The Packages To Experience MAX Palawan

If you have your own vehicle, you can easily get to MAX Palawan by yourself. The drive should take you about 40 minutes from the city center. But it is also possible to have someone pick you up from your hotel. Just book your activity in advance and arrange everything with the local organizers registered on Tikigo.