Cowrie Island in Honda Bay

Cowrie Island (also known as Ramesamay Island) is one of the most popular islands in Honda Bay, a few miles from Puerto Princesa City. It gets its name from the small sea snails called “cowries”. This island is included in some of the boat tours taking place in the bay. The main activities you can do there are swimming, snorkeling and, of course, lounging and relaxing on the beach.

You can visit Cowrie Island during an island hopping day, along with the neighboring islands of Luli, Pandan or Starfish Island. Check out the tours and activities offered by local organizers on Tikigo. You can start planning your adventures and book your package online today!

Tours And Activities In Cowrie Island

Discover The Many Ways To Enjoy This Honda Bay Gem

You can discover the beautiful islands of Honda Bay thanks to a island hopping tour. Cowrie island is included in the itinerary of the following ones. Check them out and start planning your activities online with Tikigo!