Palawan Butterfly Eco-Garden

And Tribal Village

Included in most city tours, the Palawan Butterfly Eco-Garden and Tribal Village is a must-see when visiting Puerto Princesa City. The place is composed of two parts. The first is a butterfly garden, with many species flying around, amidst tropical flowers and plants. Around the garden you will find enclosures with local birds, turtles, small crocodiles, geckos and bear cats… All these animals live in Palawan or are endemic to the island.

The second part of this tourist destination is the Tribal Village, where the Palaw’an people will show you their arts and crafts. This cultural sharing by the native inhabitants of the island includes handicrafts, music and hunting techniques. You will also have the chance to take in your hands one of their “pets”: a python snake!

At the exit of the premises, you will find a small store where you can buy souvenirs and local products. The visit of the place lasts about 1 hour including both the eco-garden and the tribal village. This is definitely a place to visit in Puerto Princesa, and one of the most interesting because it offers a mix of nature, education and sharing of the local culture. If you are taking a guided tour of the city of Puerto Princesa, it is worth choosing one that includes this destination.

Tours In Palawan Butterlfy Eco-Garden And Tribal Village

Get On A Tour To Visit This Place Dedicated To Nature And Traditions

Some city tours include Palawan Butterfly Eco-Garden and Tribal Village in their list of destinations. For some, it even represents the highlight of their whole tour. So, if you want to find a tour that will bring you there, check the ones listed below!