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Lake Manguao

Lake Manguao, also known as Lake Danao, is a municipal conservation area in Taytay. The sunrise and sunset are well-reflected in the clear water. Lush green forest embraces the lake. It is a place that is always filled with life. This is the scenery you cannot miss in Taytay, Palawan.

Lake Manguao boasts more than 130 species of birds abounding the rich forest nearby. Some local newspapers even dubbed the lake as the ‘Birdwatcher’s Eden’. Soaring across the skies are giant kingfishers, herons, eagles, and wandering ducks. The best time to do birdwatching is during dusk when birds busy themselves in finding food.

Inland ecotourism adventures are the ways to experience Lake Manguao. Hiking, camping, boating/kayaking, fishing, and birdwatching are among the most common activities in the lake. There are camping grounds along the lake’s coastlines that are ideal for weekend campers. A tent, a bonfire, and sleeping under the stars. It’s the best nightlife experience in Taytay.

Boating/kayaking is also one of the activities in the lake. With more than 640 hectares of water, you will surely enjoy practicing your rowing skills. For adrenaline rush seekers, fishing can be enjoyed here. There is also an annual recreational fishing tournaments held in the lake. The most common species caught are snakeheads, catfishes, and minnows.

After a day of trekking in the forest, rest along the coastlines and dip your feet in the cold water to get a fish spa! Little minnows approach you and will continuously nibble on your toes. It’s the best way to end your tour at Lake Manguao.

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