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Kuyawyaw Falls

Kuyawyaw Falls is one of the inland tour destinations in Taytay. Located at 27-km North of Taytay, this inland destination is a 20 to 30-min ride from the town. Rent a motorbike and you’re off to one of the best escapades Taytay offers!

Kuyawyaw Falls is a well-deserved escape from the summer heat of island tours. A 10-min rope-assisted climb will take you to the first of the three falls. Here, you can refresh your body as you dip into the turquoise waters. For a leveled-up excitement, you can do cliff jumps over the 4-m cliffs alongside the falls. Steep trails will lead you to the higher cascades. Preparing hiking gears may come in handy when you go here. One thing is guaranteed though, the higher you trek, the more breathtaking falls you see. The highest among these falls even rises to 10 meters high.

The densely covered forest makes birdwatching one of the most enjoyed activities at Kuyawyaw Falls. You can also build campsites here where you can spend the day on a picnic. The soft forest breeze will soothe your tired body. The canopy of trees provides the perfect place to unwind.

Bond with nature when you visit the breathtaking Kuyawyaw Falls. Satisfy a heart-stopping vacation as you experience both the thrilling adventures and relaxing activities in one of Taytay’s finest inland destinations.

Photo credit: Laura Bolleta © Creative Commons

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