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Imbaludan Island (Quimbaludan Islet, or Isla Blanca)

Imbaludan Island is a small island in northern Taytay. The white sand beaches are filled with coconut trees. The island, also named Islan Blanca or Quimbaludan Islet, gives off a mini-Maldives vibe. Here, you can lay on the shore for hours while achieving your tan lines. A glass of refreshing coconut juice is all you need to fuel up your day at Imbaludan island. Since it is remotely located, you are likely the only guests there. It’s such a luxury to "own" an island for a few hours.

Swimming and snorkeling are the best activities here during high tide. Once you’re underwater, it feels like you’re inside a swimming pool but with sea creatures swimming alongside you. The blinding aquamarine waters flicker from the sun’s rays. You will surely enjoy a few backflips from the boat. During low tide, a sandbar with sparkling white sand appears. The turquoise waves wash away some grains of sand and return it after. You can run tirelessly at the vast expanse of the sandbar. It’s the perfect spot for your social media feed.

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