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Locally known as ‘Pavilion’, Elephant Island is home to a wide variety of coral species. If you’re a thrill-seeker, Pavilion is your island. The best experience you can get on this island is swimming inside a cave pool. Now, does it tickle your adrenaline? Brace yourself because the journey is just about to start.

Tour organizers offer all-in-one tour packages lasting from 8:00AM to 4:00PM every day, depending on weather conditions. The island itself is approximately an hour away from the Taytay's port. Tour packages most often include the boat ride, a tour guide, lunch and a day of experiencing and exploring a total of 2-3 islands.

Snorkeling just got better in Elephant Island because of the coral sanctuary situated on the island itself. While snorkeling is also thrilling in most of the tourist destinations in the Philippines, Elephant Island is the home of untouched coral gardens. To experience a more intense underwater adventure, you can also go scuba diving thanks to local Taytay dive centers. This island is also home of swiftlets, which locals call ‘Balinsasayaw’, producing first-class quality birds’ nests, the main ingredient of the famed Nido soup.

Another thrilling experience in Elephant Island is the secret lagoon hidden inside a cave. Guests will first go through minimal rock climbing, and it is strongly advised that you go with a tour guide. After a few minutes of climbing within the limestone cliffs, a cave pool will welcome you. The seawater inside this pool is approximately 10 meters deep so be careful when swimming here, or otherwise, bring a life jacket with you. You can float on your back inside the cave and marvel at the beautiful limestone cliffs that surround the pool...

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