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Debangan Island

Debangan is an island barangay of Taytay and a 3 to 4-hour boat ride from the town’s port. The boat ride starts early in the morning, cruising along the crystal waters of Taytay Bay. The cold, salty sea breeze will welcome you during the trip. Debangan greets you on the horizon. The island’s coastlines are lined with white sand beaches extending up to 1.6km.

Debangan offers a different kind of island hopping experience. Swimming is more exciting with sea turtles! The island is famous for the year-round presence of sea turtles. You can easily spot these creatures nibbling the island’s rich seagrass vegetation along its coasts. After docking on the island’s shores, a small boat will take you near the turtles so you can swim with them. Kayaking and scuba diving are also among the activities that can be enjoyed in Debangan. Here, you can kayak using the baruto, or the local’s old-fashioned wooden kayak boat.

Another best island experience in Debangan is overnight camping. Dinner by the bonfire is the best way to end your day on the island. A delicious array of fresh seafood buffet will surely satisfy your cravings. Discover all the activities you can have in Debangan Island today on Tikigo!

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