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Nagtabon Beach, A Puerto Princesa Getaway

Located just 30 kilometers up north of Puerto Princesa City, Nagtabon Beach is the perfect beach getaway who those who want to escape the city for a weekend or for a day. Once there, you'll find a few places where you can eat and have a drink. Most places rent their huts or seats, and you can use some to bring your own picnic.

There is a view deck located just on top of the hill, around 200 meters after the junction to reach the beach. You'll find a convenience store but, above all, a splendid view on Nagtabon and the surrounding area. This is definitely worth the P10 entrance fee to take a few pictures.

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A Beautiful Beach Close To Puerto Princesa

By Pedro on June 02, 2019.

Located only around 1 hour away from Puerto Princesa, Nagtabon Beach is a nice getaway from the city. The best way to get there is with a motorbike or car rental, but you can also take a tricycle (in that case the road will take longer). We go there to relax or to have a drink while enjoying the sunset, but generally not to swim as there are strong currents. There are a few places where you can eat or have a drink on Nagtabon beach. If you want to sit, they will charge you a fee to use the table, chairs or bungalows. Some of them allow you to bring your own food and wine, so all-in-all it's a good deal if your focus is only to enjoy the day. During the week days, the place is pretty quiet but be aware that during the week-end, it may be quite crowded.

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