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Mitra's Ranch, The Overlooking Ranch

Mitra's Ranch (also known as Rancho Mitra) is located on the top of hill of Santa Monica. It has an overlooking view on the Sulu Sea and offers different activities, including a zipline, paint-ball and a restaurant. For animal lovers, you'll be happy to approach the horses and foals roaming freely in the ranch.

Mitra's Ranch, which is located just next to Baker's Hill, is included as a destination in several city tours in Puerto Princesa. Discover all the activities you can have there and book them online today with Tikigo.

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A nice view and some activities

By Pedro on April 05, 2020.

Not far from Baker's Hill, this tourist spot offers a very nice view on the surroundings of Puerto Princesa. There are some horses and a zipline, and it used to offer some paint ball activity at one point. This is a nice place to come and relax, and it's often included in the Puerto Princesa City Tours.

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