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Baker's Hill, A Place For The Whole Family

Baker’s Hill in Mitra Road, Barangay Sta. Monica, is one of the tourist destinations in Puerto Princesa City. It is located on top of a hill where freshly baked breads, goodies and snacks are served for tourists and visitors.

Popular baked delicacies and the exotic Tamilok

Locals said that it started many years ago as a mere small bakery. Later, it transformed into a mini park with additional establishments such as souvenir shop, snack bar, pizza house, baker’s kitchen and more.

Now with a bigger bakeshop, you can buy their well-liked tasty Hopia-the most popular in the city and beyond. They also have mini-cakes and variety of breads, munchies, cookies, and other baked delicacies. Their snack bar serves pasta, desserts, sandwiches, etc.

Here in Baker’s Hill, you can find the popular exotic food locally known as Tamilok. You can buy it inside, at the Baker’s Kitchen or in some smaller shops that are found outside. Tamilok, also called as woodworm are marine mollusks or shell-less saltwater clams with long, soft and naked forms. This worm-like thing is extracted from the trunk of the mangroves where they bore holes into its wood. This Filipino delicacy is either eaten fresh or cooked.

Simple yet charming and relaxing park

The park is well-landscaped and attractive. It has beautifully-arranged flowers and petals floating on water. Their children’s playground is equipped with swing, slides, and playhouses. There are also treehouses and tunnel-like structures adorned with plants and vines. The place’s greenery is fascinating.

Here you can find some popular character figurines like American actress Marilyn Monroe, Snow White and the seven dwarves, a Siberian Tiger, a giant Snake, Shrek and more. This artistically-designed park has unique furniture around, with some catchy benches that bear a resemblance to crocodile and other wildlife. The place also has birds to the delight of the visitors and tourists. They have Talking Mynas and Peacocks.

Admirably, Baker’s Hill’s owners are so generous and this place is open to the public. They don’t ask for entrance fee and you can stroll around, use their amenities, and enjoy the place for free. The owner’s house is just within the park, an impressive modern house.

At the interior part of the park, it has a view deck where you get a perfect vista and wide-ranging scenery of the city and its coastal areas. From afar, you can also have a sight, of the islands within Honda Bay.

In Baker’s Hill, you can simply sit down and unwind in a relaxing garden, then enjoy the spectacular view of the picturesque city and its suburbs. The splendor of Puerto Princesa’s unmatched natural beauty and its undying charm, that endlessly allure every visitors and tourists that set foot in this beautiful place.

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Not my cup of tea

By Pedro on April 05, 2020.

This location located in the heights of Santa Monica is pretty popular among the locals and it's included in many city tours but it's just not my cup of tea. This park has some statues, restaurants, installations for kids to play and even a little zoo. I understand why many people enjoy it, but I personally don't find it very interesting - it may just not be my cup of tea...

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