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Aloha House is a farm, a bed and breakfast, a kitchen and an organic products store... all that at once! Located on the heights of Santa Monica, just next to Baker's Hill and Mitra's Ranch, Aloha House can be toured and is included in some city tours of Puerto Princesa. This visit of the farm may include a lunch or a snack, depending on the organizer.

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The best eco-farm in Puerto Princesa

By Pedro on April 05, 2020.

I cannot say how much I love going to Aloha House, on the heights of Santa Monica. Not only is it an awesome place to find fresh food (herbs, vegetables, cheese and more) but the team is great, and the view from the waiting area is quite stunning. Aloha farm is many things at the same time: an eco-farm, a lodge, a tour site with restaurant, and even an orphanage. It's not included in many city tours but you can contact them directly to organize a tour of the farm for example. If you're looking for fresh air and food at the heart of the city, that's an excellent choice.

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