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Discover all the tours available in Port Barton and get ready for some snorkeling, swimming and island hopping adventures! Centered around reefs, marine life and tropical islands, the tours in Port Barton are sure to leave you with unforgettable memories.

Highlighted Tours In Port Barton

Until recently, Port Barton local organizers were operating without an association and each one of them offered tours going by different names and including different destinations. This changed when the tour operators decided to harmonize their service offers.

Island Hopping Tours in Port Barton

There are now 5 main tours in Port Barton, called Tour A, Tour BTour CTour D and Tour E. The prices have been regulated as well and all these tours are available for the same price (P1,200 per person at the time we're writing these lines).

But beyond the similar names and offers, the destinations included in each tour currently varies depending on each organizer. Each tour includes 5 to 7 spots. Upon them, 3 or 4 will be common to everyone and 2 to 3 will depend on each company. This way of doing is quite different from the tours in El Nido for example, but it's quite cool also, and more similar to the tours offered in Coron.

Exploring The Reefs And Discovering The Wild Life

The destinations included in Port Barton tours include reefs, turtle sanctuaries and tropical islands. The diving and snorkeling aspect of these tours is thus even more important. It's one of the best place to observe sea turtles and when exploring the Turtle Bay, you're almost sure to spot these peaceful and massive creatures.

You can join a public tour in Port Barton, but you can also get a private tour organized for you. The best way to make it happen is to check the tours available below and to contact the local organizers if you have any inquiry or request. Start booking your tours in Port Barton today and get ready for some fun! 

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